Why I started this blog...

Just over a week ago, we had the nastiest & most upsetting changeover we've ever had. 'We' being me - Julie - and my husband, Paul. We decided earlier this year that we would do all the cleaning and laundry ourselves as it's the only way we can be 100% certain that everything is exactly how we want it to be. So we see our holiday homes in all their freshly left-by-guests glory. And to be fair, the vast majority of our guests are amazing. After this particular changeover I wrote a post on the Pawprints Holidays Facebook page and since then it's been seen almost 21,000 times. People have shared it, other holiday accommodation owners have shared it, it's been commented on hundreds of times & guests have told my fellow holiday let owners how horrified they were by it all. So I want to save it for posterity, and for future reference and just in case it makes a difference. So here it is, minus the awful photos, I'll leave those to your imagination. Suffice to say I never want to see, or smell, anything like it ever again.

"Yesterday was not a good day for us, in fact, we’re still suffering the after effects today.
As guests, you may have wondered why owners need such a long time to get your holiday home ready. Why do we need you to leave at 10am? Why can’t you get in until 3 or 4pm? What do owners need that amount of time for, exactly?
This. This is why we need that amount of time. The photos below show a small part of what greeted me & my husband yesterday when we opened the door at Sandy Paws. The splashes you can see are dog urine. It was in literally every room, up doors, walls, electrical sockets & worst of all, a bed, which had to be discarded. The stench was unbelievable, it caught in our throats & made our eyes water. It took us 5 hours each to return our beautiful house to the standard we pride ourselves on. Ten ‘man’ hours. The guest left 35 minutes late, we had from 10:35am til 4pm, when our next guests arrived, to get it done. And we did, just.
This is also an excellent example of why we, and lots of other owners, require a refundable damages deposit. We don’t know, when we give you the keys to our holiday homes, if you’re one of the majority who will respect us & our properties, or one of the thankfully small minority who will cause such terrible damage. This is also why some owners charge extra for dogs. When you look at this, can you blame them? I can’t. Absolutely not the dogs fault, it’s their humans.
So today I’m working my way through a mountain of laundry as we stripped the house right down & everything that can be washed, is being washed. Today one of our guests is £426 poorer, because we not only retained the £200 damages deposit, we invoiced for the additional costs. It was paid, within minutes. Sadly the memory of what was done to our beautiful house will remain with us for a very long time."


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